5 star Yelp Reviews

Luke W. – San Luis Obispo, CA

Oh boy.
Big boy toys.
This is a place you can wander around in for ages, hands stuffed tightly in pockets, looking around, thinking of all of the ways you could scrounge up the cash to buy…that one! no-no…that one!  yea!  Er…no…maybe…yea, this one, right here.  Oh!  Look at this one!

Everyone I’ve ever spoken with has been super nice, informative, helpful, not pushy, and eager to share stories about good places to go ride, drive, jump, or kick it.

They have a fantastic selection of razor atvs, quads, and dirt bikes, an even bigger selection of road bikes, street bikes, cruisers, and everything in between.

I like their selection of apparel too, I’ve bought several pairs of Oakley’s here and I like the selection. They have a full mechanic shop in house where you can drop off your toys to get fixed, or you can simply buy most of the parts and DIY.

I’d not hesitate to recommend these folks for your off-roading adventure needs.

Eric S. – San Diego, CA

I bought a bike many years ago from them and it now needed work.  The repair manual was not clear so I stopped by the service dept to ask them a question.  The manager, Tim, came out to help me…. he was VERY NICE, professional and courteous!!  I was SO impressed…. you have a GREAT man there!!  I also received help from the service counter… great guys there also!

Thanks so much!!  Eric

Tom W. – San Diego, CA

these guys helped me out with a yamaha recall issue and provided some great service on general maint. too. thanks for the help!

Steven K. – San Diego, CA

I bought a 2014 Kawasaki Teryx from FBC.  My buying experience was straight forward, and I was very happy with the product. I had my service work performed by FBC as well.  After 2 seasons in the Glamis Sand Dunes I began to experience some issues with the vehicle overheating.  I took it in for service and found out that the top end needed to be rebuilt do to sand getting into the engine.  I was originally told this would not be covered by warranty, and would cost at least $3K.  Some research on the internet also found many of the same stories from other Teryx owners around the country.

I met with the service manager Will Tomlinson to discuss the issue.  He told me that he would speak with the Kawasaki representative to see what could be done as all the proper maintenance had been performed.

Long story short I received a call saying that Kawasaki was covering the whole tab, and a new crate motor was being put in.  Thank you to Will Tomlinson and Fun Bike Center.  I have since been a repeat customer.

Arpad I. – San Marcos, CA

Great custumer service,all the comfort your need during service wait time,service was done as promised,price was the best. Thanks

Josh O. – Bonsall, CA

Just bought a new 2017 Suzuki DRZ 400sm from FBC and was really happy with the overall experience. I was helped by Dustin, who gave me a good price on the bike. I was then helped by Rob in the finance department, very smooth and easy!

I have never bought a new motorcycle before, but the OTD price here beat the other dealerships in my area. On top of the price of the bike, the freight, handling, taxes, fees etc. amounted to $1500. Not sure if this is good or bad as I’m new at this but it sure beat the other dealers in my area in North County.

Props to Dustin and Rob for making it nice and easy. Also to Matt in the accessories department who was very helpful. The accessories were a little expensive but that’s to be expected at a dealership.

My girlfriend and I also sat on quite a few different motorcycles and asked questions about them – Dustin answered all of our questions in fine style and gave us his time. 5 stars.

Mike K. – Oceanside, CA

All the guys at Fun Bike Center are awesome. They are easy to work with and guarantee you are getting the best deal. I visited many stealerships before I came here. Selection, selection, selection , they have every model in every color. We purchased a 2017 Honda TRX250 from them on Labor Day Weekend. We got a really good deal on it. So good that I went back this past week and made an offer on a 2016 Maverick 4 Seater 1000R Turbo. They accepted my offer and even delivered the beast to my front door. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Any questions about my experience just ask.

Gnop S. – San Diego, CA

Bought the new GSX-S1000F, with TONY @ Sales Floor assisting us with the sale, and he was a really cool dude (somewhat shy, but very humble demeanor about him). He made sure we’re doing a-OK with the process. The finance lady (Samantha was the name?), though, wasn’t that cool. She was too formal & never smiled at all; which made our time with her little bit disappointing because we’re thinking she was pissed & didn’t like helping us. But, everybody, (except Sam-the-finance-gal, & one of the girls at the merchandise checkout who’s acting bitchy when I returned a set of wrenches I bought), gets A’s.

Cinna B. – San Diego, CA

I brought my ten-year-old son here to window shop for dirt bikes. We were helped pretty quickly and the salesman was very friendly and helpful and talked to my son about motorcycles. I frankly cannot spend $2,000 on a motorcycle for a 10 year old but I’m sure there’s people out there that can and the fun bike center looks like a great place to do that. Their selection of ATVs, dune buggies,  dirt bikes and gear was outstanding! There is plenty of front parking. There is motorcycle parking, the store has great curb appeal, it’s air-conditioned, well laid-out, everything’s easy to find.

Fun bike is a great place to window shop or for serious riders,  a great place to pick up a few things.

Jonna T. – Salt Lake City, UT

Motorcycle Helmet Shopping
I’ve been helmet shopping for a while and had stopped in at several stores while on vacation travels.  After I’d already spent 20 minutes perusing the floor, on which they have a good onsite inventory, I could not find any helmets with the style and color (plain, freakin’ white) that I was looking for.  The majority of the helmets unfortunately have graphics.

The reps were not intrusive, and when I finally wanted help, Matt did an excellent job of taking another look through the stock.  We even spent some time locating helmets that they didn’t have on site in their stock magazine, and he reviewed the types of fits that helmets offer.
While I didn’t find quite what I was looking for, I would recommend this location and I’d return for any of my riding/gear needs!

I wish they did shipping from this store because I would have ordered one of the helmet models that I’d tried on, just in the color I wanted, and paid for shipping to my house!

Peter M. – San Diego, CA

This is for FBC’s parts department.

I’ve moved from paying ridiculous amounts of money for service on my bike to wrenching it myself.  FBC parts has been nothing but helpful- from advice on OEM vs. aftermarket replacements, to tips on how to do service myself, to price matching obscure Honda OEM parts.  When I ask, how hard is X to do, they give an honest answer- usually you can do it yourself.

FYI- you’d be surprised how easy it is to do basic service on your own bike- battery, oil changes, bleeding brakes/clutch fluid, air filter, spark plugs, etc.  Now, my gas tank is removed and I’m looking at replacing a worn part.

I’ve easily saved hundreds of dollars in service- particularly since my bike is a large sport tourer, with lots of plastic to remove.  It’s one of those bikes where I’m sure a mechanic hears it, and thinks “dude with extra money to give me.”  I.e. one local mechanic asked for $250 to bleed my brakes.  That was the last straw.

FBC parts department has been nothing but helpful, and very understanding when I say, “I’m looking for X at the lowest price.”  So far, they’ve matched every time.

Part of the reason I’m working on my own bike is due to shady service departments *cough* – but let’s just keep this positive.

Joseph G. – San Diego, CA

I purchased a new Yamaha FZ6R from Fun Bike.  They have been in San Diego since I was a kid.  I seriously shopped for price on this bike and these guys were super accommodating for both the price and service for the bike.  Sometimes when you negotiate the sales people are not so kind… just the opposite with FBC.  Jasper and Corey were AWESOME.  I also got a discount on accessories and Matt in the parts dept was really cool.  He took time and helped me find the perfect fitting helmet.  I also love the fact that FBC is so involved with the community.  They sponsor rides for many non-profits and that is a big plus for me.  Go see Corey and have fun!

Tyler P. – Concord, CA

I would like to take the time and update my review because I have continued to work with FBC and found a great deal of helpful people which might help your experience too.

Sales – Jasper: I have dealt with Jasper a number of times and he is always a fast, friendly, and efficient guy. He always has helped me with any sales I have had and always gave me the most competitive price.

Service – Jasmine & Tony: I have used both of these people for service and they are the best at making sure you have a streamline service process. They always have followed up with me on the status of all the vehicles I have brought in.

Parts (wholesale) – Michael: In parts you usually never find the right help you are looking for but Michael has got it covered. I feel like I order parts I do not even need just to have another good experience with him. Michael never lets me down. Ordering countless parts and he is always on it to let me know as soon as they get in, and orders them in such a timely manner.

There are more great people at FBC, but these are the people that I have felt went above and beyond to change my experience to a more positive one. If you do business with FBC, make sure to have your experience with the great people above!

John P. – San Diego, CA

If you want to deal with honest, hardworking extremely competent people who will go out of their way to help you, then this is the shop for you. I have had some extremely difficult challenges with my bike and these guys came through for me with flying colors.  Tim, Dustin, Jocelyn and the GM (Melo) are all friggin super heroes. Buying, service, whatever- do it here.

Andie C. – Imperial Beach, CA

I dropped my bike off on. Thursday and it wasn’t ready for about a week but I was extremely happy with my service $516 and everything that was done other than the regular materials were covered under the service warranty Joslayn was very helpful and told me any problems to call and bring it back so I will because now my oil light is on and she set up my appointments so that we can meet again I’m happy and I think the staff was Awesome everyone honored my coupon for 15% off

Brenda H. – San Diego, CA

I went to FBC today just to look at bikes. I had originally planned on buying my bike from a different dealership. After talking to Miguel, however, I will definitely return to buy my motorcycle from fun bike center. He was incredibly friendly and helpful. He answered all of my questions and made me feel really secure in buying here. I’ll update this review next week after I go back to buy it!

Lacey F. – San Diego, CA

I bought my bike here in 2014 (2015 Yamaha fz07) and I’ve been back a few times for random service bits and even picked up a new helmet last month.

Every time I need to go in and don’t have an appointment they always try to fit me in, in a timely fashion!

The people there are pretty cool too, the sales staff will always (obviously) greet you eagerly but are never pushy, the parts guys are super helpful and of the service people are always very accommodating! 🙂

Jenson D. – Poway, CA

These guys are amazing. Tony and Jordan were able to get me onto a 2015 Suzuki GXS-R 600 with zero miles on it. Very friendly all around. I recommend anyone looking for a new or used motorcycle to stop by and check them out. Ask for Tony. He will help you look for what you are looking for.

Ramirez R. – San Diego, CA

Yamaha ridder for the last two years just a few months ago I had a accident nothing big just needed cosmetic parts. had know idea of who to ask but the same place I got my bike from, being on a budget I walked up and a Mikey Wetzel. service rep asked if he code help me, we found my parts I needed. In less then two weeks had my parts in and installed, Mikey even keept me up to date on my work order.. Glade I came back to FBC.

Sad to say I called a few days ago to give Mikey a thanks but found out he was no longer working with FBC no idea but I feel they lost a good asset to their teem,

Mikey best off luck man., thanks again for the help…

Cameron S. – San Diego, CA

I recently took my bike in for some repairs at FBC. Mike in the service department is my go to guy whenever I need anything done to my bike. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful. He had my bike ready for me to ride way before he estimated it be done. Over all great experience with  Mike. Ask for him in the service department!!