Stunning, Industry-first Three-Cylinder Engine

Prepare yourself for the industry’s first 998cc inline-three cylinder sport side-by-side engine. Featuring a compact DOHC twelve-valve cylinder head, an aggressive 11.3:1 compression ratio and high-tech dry-sump lubrication, the YXZ1000R engine offers jaw-dropping power, fantastic midrange torque and a thrilling 10,500 rpm redline. With lightweight 80mm forged aluminum pistons and a counterbalancer, the motor is exceptionally smooth-running, too. Built for the pure sport side-by-side enthusiast, there’s nothing else like it.

High Flow Intake System

High capacity intake system features dual air filters—one oiled foam, one oiled paper—affording maximum airflow to the engine as well as durable filtration for the dirtiest riding environments. The re-usable foam filter features tool-free access for easy servicing, too.

Compact and Clean Exhaust System

The three-into-one high-volume exhaust system with center-mounted muffler centralizes weight distribution and is tuned to provide maximum power across the rev range.

Industry-first 5-Speed Sequential Transmission

The YXZ1000R utilizes an all-new sequential 5-speed manual transmission with reverse that permits rapid and smooth shifting, ideally matched to the potent three-cylinder engine. A beefy hydraulically-actuated clutch system is operated by a foot pedal for light, consistent feel - delivering power up to 20% more efficiently than most automatic CVTs. With an amazingly direct connection between throttle and the drivetrain, this new transmission gives the YXZ™1000R an entirely new sports side-by-side experience that is unmatched by any other machine.

Yamaha’s Exclusive On-Command® 4WD

With the twist of a dial, On-Command 4WD gives the driver ultimate traction, with easily selected 2WD and 4WD full diff lock modes. The YXZ1000R’s all-new drivetrain incorporates Yamaha’s proven On-Command 4WD system to tackle the most challenging terrain.

Advanced Drivetrain

Getting the power to the wheels is an advanced drive system, featuring an external engine flywheel to maximize engine torque, for smooth shifting and acceleration. To deliver Yamaha’s exceptional durability, this system also incorporates an Over-Torque protection system that eliminates spike loads to the front drive case on hard impacts, protecting it from damage without affecting performance.